Who Repents – Sinners or Saints

Who Repents – Sinner or Saint?

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Updated:- Wednesday, November 8th, 2023

After Reading This It Should Be Clearer To You Who Repents

Is it the sinner or the saint who repents? Some years ago, I tweeted that everybody should repent. One of my Followers responded: Repentance is for sinners.

Soon after, many other Followers responded to that statement. So today, I’m asking the identical question again: “What do you think: Who Repents Christian or sinner?

However, before you respond, I want to ensure that we are all on the same page when it comes to the meaning of repentance. So, click the link above and read about repentance then return to this page? Let’s proceed.

By now, it should be clearer to you who repents! Nevertheless, I’m certain some of you still have reservations about whether it’s sinners or saints?

In Deciding Who Repents You Must Determine This!

In reference to Jesus’ teaching and the quote below, he was responding to complaints that the religious people of the time were making.

Jesus was socialized with the regular people. The snobby, aloof, but religious people thought that he should behave like them.

Subsequently, they asked Jesus’ disciples: “Why eateth your Master with publicans and sinners?” (Matthew 9:11).

Jesus heard this and replied.

He said, “I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance” (Matthew 9:9-13; Mark 2:17; Luke 5:32).

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The Bible is replete with many figures of speech. Consequently, when he replied thus he was implying that they didn’t need him because they were so af richard mille rm035 unknown rm035 005 men yellow mechanical righteous. He was sarcastically pointing out they deficiencies in righteousness.

On the larger scale, in deciding who repents we must determine whom Jesus came to save. However, we don’t need to think very hard.

“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).


Who Does the Lord Call to Repent?

Seeing that every one of us has sinned then we all need to repent. Therefore, you will observe, in the Scripture above, that his call to repent went out to everyone.

The Lord calls a nation to repent.

Ezekiel 18:30; Matthew 3:2

Who else He calls to repent? He also calls cities or towns to repentance.

Matthew 11:20

Therefore, he is calling the residents of New York City (NYC) and Brooklyn to repent. But He’s also calling you and your city and town to turn to Him too!

Matthew 11:21

A Thorough Understanding of Who Repents is Essential

The Lord our God, also calls individuals to repent. Without a doubt, you have recognized that sinners need to repent.

Luke 15:7

Therefore, any time you come in contact with literature like this or sermons that implore you to stop sinning and turn to God you are being called by Him to repentance!

Finally, the Lord calls Christians to repent. He calls the Church to repent.

Therefore, a thorough understanding of who repents is essential to avoid misinformation and confusion in the Church.

According to Doctor Luke, in the scripture-verse immediately above, “just persons” “need no repentance”
(Luke 15:7).

How did they become “just” in the first instance? They were not born upright persons!

Who Repents – Sinners or Saints

It’s It For Everyone?

The Bible is replete with various figures of speech, but irrespective of how it is said, repentance is for everyone.

The Lord commands everybody “everywhere to repent”. And Jesus’ disciples preached a similar message (Acts 17:30; Mark 6:12).

The fact that the sinner needs to repent is readily apparent. However, many persons will stumble concerning the importance of saints needing repentance.

Therefore, the just persons are not “just” by default. They didn’t do “good deeds” to become righteous.

Therefore, the “just persons” had to repent to attain that status.

Similarly, when you understand why we repent then you will comprehend that everyone must repent in order to approach the Lord God.

Nevertheless, because we sin every day we must repent constantly of those deeds as we journey to perfection in Christ.

Who Repents – Sinners or Saints


When You Think About Who Repents Remember This!

Therefore, in answering, who repents always keep in mind that repentance is never finished? We die daily but to different sins.

Consequently, if you find yourself doing the same things that you have read in the Bible, prayed and fasted and desired, and heard preachings that you should stop doing, then you are in need of repentance.

2 Peter 3:9

See, He wants “all to come to repentance“. He wants everyone to get to that point where his or her heart breaks before Him. He will always accept such a heart for that’s repentance.

There is a corporate call to repent and there’s a local or individual call to repent. However, who repents depends on who heard it, believed it, and obeyed.

In closing, all calls have the same goal: stop and turn to God, thus avoiding destruction.

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