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  1. How to Pray a Christian Prayer – 10 Steps
  2. Effective Prayers and Powerful Prayers What You Ought to Know
  3. Prayer – 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Praying
  4. Persistent in Prayers – What Could These 4 Persons Teach You?
  5. Times to Pray – Do you Keep a Schedule?
  6. The Secret Place and How it Could Change Your Life
  7. What is a Prayer of Intercession?
  8. Why is a Prayer of Supplication Important to Christians?
  9. Who Makes the Most Effective Supplication Prayers?
  10. What is a Prayer of Supplication From a Biblical Perspective?

Water Baptism:-

Spirit Baptism:-

Name of the Lord:-

  1. I Come in the Name of the Lord – What do Christians mean by this?
  2. How is the Name of Jesus Different from Other Names?
  3. What is the Surname of Jesus?
  4. What is the Name of the Lord?
  5. Because of the Name of Jesus you will Suffer Great Things
  6. Defining the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

Laying on of Hands:-


Jesus Christ:-

  1. The Birth of Jesus Christ the Manifestation of the Savior
  2. The Conception of Jesus Christ
  3. Jesus of Nazareth a Man Approved of God
  4. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is Not About Easter
  5. What is So Important About the Burial of Jesus Christ?
  6. The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ