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Who Repents – Sinners or Saints

Who Repents – Sinner or Saint?

Is it the sinner or the saint who repents? Some years ago, I tweeted that everybody should repent. One of my “Followers” responded: “Repentance is for sinners”.

Soon after, many other Followers responded to that statement. So today, I’m asking the identical question again: “What do you think: Who Repents Christians or sinners?”

However, before you respond, I want to ensure that we are all on the same page when it comes to the meaning of repentance. So, click the link above and read about repentance then return to this page? Let’s proceed.

By now, it should be clearer to you who repents! Nevertheless, I’m certain some of you still have reservations about whether it’s sinners or saints?

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What are the Causes of Repentance?

What are the Causes of Repentance?

Main Causes of Repentance?
Ninty five percent of Christians today confuse the causes of repentance with the result of it!

The causes of repentance are not opinions but the Word of God. Therefore, putting all opinions and religious prejudices aside, let’s explore biblically, what are some of the causes of repentance?

Regardless of how we feel about repentance, know for sure that we cannot repent autonomously on our own.

I have examined what is repentance and will not duplicate that effort here?

Repentance is intricately tied up with sins and forgiveness. Therefore, in dissecting the causes of repentance we must examine their relationships and inter-relationships.

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Meet for Repentance – Fruits or Works Worthy of Repentance?

Bring Forth “Fruits” Meet For Repentance

Entrance into the Kingdom of God is the same for all nations. It doesn’t matter whether we are Jews or Gentiles because we all must repent and turn to God.

And all must do works appropriate for repentance. In other words, our actions must indicate the transformation we have been through.

Note that the Bible didn’t say, bring forth therefore, “fruit” meet for repentance.

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