What is Causing the Confusion in the World About Christianity?

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What Does it Mean That God Is Not the Author of Confusion?

Confusion is rife in Christianity. Many young Christians are confused. Many more people who desire to become Christians are equally confused.

However, many people are confused about Christianity.

But we need to remember that God is not the author of confusion.

“For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints”

1 Corinthians 14:33

For example, in the world, there is confusion about God; His Son; how to be saved; the name of the Lord God and so much more.

Major Reason For Confusion in The Church

One of the major concerns about this confusion is whose content you consume?

In this age of technologically advanced society, anyone could be a publisher. All you need is an electronic device such as a smartphone and access to the Internet.

Then all you have to do is open an account on any of the Social Media sites and start spewing out the confusion.

Many people write about Christian stuff that they have no experience with. They write about God and they don’t have a relationship with Him.

Some don’t even believe that He exists. Many don’t even give Him 5 minutes out of 1440 each day.

How Some Christian Writers Cause Confusion

If you don’t believe just visit Wikipedia and you will see for yourself. And you don’t expect confusion?

These are the persons writing mega “How to” articles that are fit for garbage bins. They pen: “How to do a Christian Fast”, but they have never done one? They publish: “How to be Baptized in Christianity” but they are not baptized?

And if that is not bad, they have never seen or been to a baptism. Granted, they might have seen one in a movie or on TV. And still, you don’t expect confusion in the world about Christianity?

Much Christian content comes from Christian Writers. But they are not Christians. However, they are writers who write Christian stuff. They are Christian writers!

The next time you read anything Christian online, do this. Go to the website “About Page” and read it. What you will find will help you understand the cause of much of the confusion in the world about Christianity.

How Some Churches Cause Bemusement

Similarly, for many, Christianity is big business. Many “churches” are not genuine church-of-God but cloak and dagger businesses. They show no interest in the souls and well-being of others unless they are making a buck.

Consequently, they teach and preach and produce and publish contents that are primarily opinionated and not substantiated by the Word of God.

Or some twist the Word to suit their love for money and you don’t expect confusion to reign?

How Christians Who Write Could Inadvertently Cause Commotion?

Writing Christian topics require much more than the skill to read and write. It requires much more than a computer and Internet access. It necessitates a coveted relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. And this includes being born again.

Even some good-intentioned Christians who write inadvertently cause confusion because they often contradict themselves.

This week they may write on a topic taking a position, but next week it’s a total opposite stance that they are advocating in their new content. And you don’t expect confusion in the world about Christianity?

Teaching Scriptures is never about your perspective. Everybody has one. It’s always about what the Lord God is teaching us. That’s universal and never causes confusion. And it never changes, It has always been the same message century after century.

What is Causing the Confusion in the World About Christianity?

To conclude, there is no confusion in the Church. The Lord Jesus Christ has strategically placed Believers all over the earth to feed His flock with wisdom and knowledge from the Scriptures.

As a result, please ensure that the Christian content that you consume is at least coming from Christians.

There are some people who write stuff deliberately to create confusion around a topic. Their aim is to divert some from the truth.

You don’t necessarily have to experience something to write effectively about it. For example, I have never been to London, yet, I know a lot about that city and I could write about it.

But I have plans to visit it soon.

However, writing about Christian topics is different. You never will truly understand them unless you are a Believer in Jesus Christ.

And even some who claim to be Christians are polluting the water too. So, your source of information is crucial. Choose wisely! Whose report will you believe?

What do you think? What aspect of Christianity is most confusing to you? Respond with a comment below.

P.S. If this post has helped you share it with others. Blessings!

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