Search The Scriptures: Unveiling Wisdom And Truth

To search the Scriptures, (the Holy Bible), is not just a mere act of reading. It is a profound endeavor to explore, discover, understand, extract, believe, and obey the profound messages, teachings, and insights of God.

Lydia Whose Heart the Lord Opened

LYDIA OF THYATIRA Today I continue from Acts 16:13-15, which describes that the Lord opened the heart of Lydia of Thyatira. Hi, Students of the Word. What does it mean that the Lord opened our hearts and how could we benefit from it? These are some of the questions that I will answer in today’s Bible study. Just to put this in context, Paul is on his Second Missionary Journey. His team of Believers is with him, and they are now in Macedonia.

Jesus Teaches His Disciples To Pray Thy Kingdom Come – What Does This Mean?

Jesus taught his disciples to pray thy kingdom come when he taught them The Lord’s Prayer. To understand the meaning and purpose of it, we must examine what Jesus meant when He instructed them to say, "thy kingdom come"! To begin, let us look at the meaning of the word ‘kingdom’. It comes from the Greek word ‘basilica,’ which means ‘royal palace.’ A quick search of the Bible reveals that it occurs 162 times in the New Testament alone. The Kingdom of God is the rule and the dominion of God, as the Creator of the Universe,

Do Christians Pray To God Or Jesus?

WHO SHOULD I PRAY TO? Most Believers generally pray to God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. Yet recognizing their distinct roles in our lives and knowing that we serve one God. Whomever we direct our prayers to is our god. So, the question, should Christians pray to God or Jesus Christ may seem obvious enough but it’s not? But we must keep in mind that the Lord God is a Triune One. He has only three manifestations: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Be Persistent In Your Prayers

Persistent in Prayers – What Could These 4 Persons Teach You?

God responds to a person who is persistent in prayers. Every persistent prayer is an effective one. And all effective prayers are powerful prayers. Nevertheless, for effective prayers to be powerful they must by divine character be persistent prayers. Elijah’s prayers were powerful prayers not because he prayed once, but because he persisted in prayers. He demonstrated his persistence in prayer. Many Christians stop praying after two or more times. But you should never quit. Pray until you get results.

Nehemiah’s Prayer – What Could We Learn About Supplication From It?

Four Characteristics of Nehemiah’s Prayer As we begin to traverse Nehemiah’s prayer, let's observe a few key features of it. Note how and for whom he prayed. What was the goal of his prayer? Often, I have stressed that the Bible teaches that a Christian Fast is a time of mourning. Nehemiah’s Prayer highlights this feature, for he weeps and mourns for a specific number of days as he executes his prayer and fasting.