What is the Rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ?

A Picture of the Rapture of Jesus Christ

What is Caught-up in the Bible?

If you desire to know what it means by the rapture of the Church don’t reach for your dictionary; instead, reach for your Bible. It is our sole authority for all Bible studies, including the definition of rapture.

Therefore, the dictionary’s meaning for rapture will differ from that of the Bible. His thoughts are not ours. Furthermore, the meaning of a word evolves with time and culture and location, and the list goes on and on.

Many moons ago, “kindle” was the act of igniting or starting a fire. Today, it’s a tablet. Similarly, “tablet” was only a pill, but now it’s also an electronic device to access the Internet and traverse the World Wide Web. Words evolve!

Is the Word Rapture in the Bible?

Nevertheless, the Lord is a fixed principle. He has been saying the exact same things from the start of time (i.e., Creation) until now.

Therefore, He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. How He uses the idea of the caught-away is consistent.

However, I have heard many theories about the rapture. And I have written about it in my new book, “The Golden Candlestick”; therefore, I shall not duplicate that content, but I will utilize that which I have written.

Consequently, the following is an excerpt from the book named above:

Biblical Synonyms for Rapture

“Finally, after the resurrection and the translation comes the rapture. Now the Lord takes away all the righteous saints out of the earth to meet Him in the sky.

Although the word “rapture” is not in the Bible; nevertheless, the Lord documents its concept and operations throughout His Word.

It is a complex topic for the babes-in-Christ, but the Fathers understand it well. This is not a new notion. The word maybe relatively new but not the idea of it.

It means “caught-up”, “caught-away”, “take-up”, “taken” or “snatched-away” from others by God to be with Him (1 Thessalonians 4:17; Acts 1:9; 8:39; 2 Kings 2:9).

The rapture is the universal gathering of all the saints from creation until Michael sounds the trumpet of God.

Why the Rapture - What is the Significance of the Rapture of the Church?
The Rapture – Jesus Promised

This Always Precedes a Snatching Away

However, during the Church-era, all the righteous: both living and dead, since Adam and up until Michael sounds the trump of God, will experience it.

The New Testament (NT) reveals the Old Testament (OT). Therefore the snatching-away of righteous people appears in both.

The OT introduces the idea of the taken. But the NT reveals it. However, in both, the notion of it necessitates a change. A radical translation.

Brethren and friends, the Bible is not an intellectual exposition, and yet it is, but it’s a book of faith in God. He presents its contents from His perspective.

What is Another Word for Rapture in the Bible?

It’s primarily a spiritual maze that He hides eternal treasures in for us to find.

Consequently, only a born-again Believer in Jesus Christ, Jew or Gentile, can identify those gems.

Only a born-again Christian could understand its teachings and therefore expound its subjects, such as the snatching-away, to anyone according to the will of God. Yet many choose to believe an unbeliever instead of a Christian.” [1]


Don’t Use “Left Behind”

In closing, despite the fact that the word rapture doesn’t occur in the Holy Bible, we observe that the notion of it exists in the Word.

Refuse to use the term “left behind” to mean the rapture of the Church. It’s not a synonym for it. Both words don’t mean the same or identical things.

Further, the rapture is a source of hope in God, but “left-behind” is dismal and replete with thoughts of grave disappointment and foreboding.

Those who shall be left behind will have no hope of spending eternity with Christ Jesus because they will not experience the First Resurrection, and the rapture is the only means to do so.

The rapture is the Lord snatching-away His Church before his Second Advent.

[1] (L.A.Daley, The Golden Candlestick – The Seven Spirits of God 2019)

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