Baby Baptism – Should I Baptize My Newborn Baby?

Doctrine of Baptisms
Baby Baptism or Infant Baptism


Baby Baptism is it Biblical?

Baby baptism or infant baptism is not biblical. Jesus didn’t teach or practice it and none of his disciples did either.

Nowhere in Scriptures will you find any instructions concerning baby baptism. It’s not there!

Then, weren’t parents interested in teaching their infants “to have a relationship with God”?  I suppose not, for the Bible does not chronicle any baby baptisms.

Nevertheless, there is a biblical procedure to initiate a spiritual relationship between a newborn child and the Lord God.

The Jews practiced it and that’s why the earthly parents of Jesus brought him into the temple.

Therefore, eight days after the birth of your baby instead of baptizing your child do this instead.

Take your baby to a Holy Ghost filled preacher and have him or she lay hands on the child and bless him or her in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A Biblical Alternative to Infant/Baby Baptism

Not only is the laying on of hands a key doctrine of Jesus Christ, but Simeon blessed him as an infant using the identical principle.

Simeon took him in his arms and blessed him. He didn’t baptize him nor sprinkle him nor pour any water on him. He just simply took him in his arms and speak a blessing over the young child.

Therefore, Jesus wasn’t baptized as a baby or young child. He was an adult at his baptism.

Speaking of Simeon the Bible says: “And he came by the Spirit into the temple: and when the parents brought in the child Jesus, to do for him after the custom of the law, Then took he him up in his arms, and blessed God” (Luke 2:27-28).

So instead of baptizing your child allow a holy man of God to bless and dedicate your child to the Lord in the almighty name of Jesus Christ.

A devoted man of God, moved as the Holy Ghost was on him and he laid his hands on baby Jesus and blessed him. Do similarly for your baby.

Is the pouring of water on the head of a baby, Infant Baptism?
Is This Baby Baptism?

Baby Baptism – Who is the Authority For It?
Baby Baptism - Should I Baptize my Newborn Baby?

Later, Jesus, as he worked on accomplishing his life’s purpose, he would lay his hands on many children and bless them?

Jesus Christ taught that you should lay hands on children to bless them in tandem with the doctrine of laying on of hands in the Church.

And he taught that and practiced it.

“Then were there brought unto him little children that he should put his hands on them, and pray: and the disciples rebuked them.

Jesus never baptized one of those babies. So, why should you baptize your child

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Why was Jesus interested in blessing “infants” instead of baptizing them?

And he laid his hands on them [and bless them], and departed thence” (Matthew 19:13-15; Mark 10:13-16 & Luke 18:15-17).


The laying on of hands to bless infants has broader spiritual ramifications than I could discuss in-depth here now.

However, I have researched this topic adequately and written on it at length in “Living Soul”.

Read “Living Soul” and discover the real motive for Christ blessing infants, and why he always bless all foods before he ate.

Nevertheless, couldn’t you bless your baby without laying hands on him or her?

The Christening or dedication of your child is as good a time as any for a man or woman of God to lay hands on your infant and pronounce a blessing in the precious name: Jesus Christ.

Finally, there is no infant baptism in the Bible. Similarly, Jesus Christ is the most prolific baptizer in Scriptures.

For he baptized more people than John the Baptist. But how many babies did he baptize? None!

Baby baptism is not biblical. Jesus didn’t teach or practice it. And none of his disciples nor the Church, as a whole, conduct any baby baptism. Why should you?

What does the Bible say about infant baptism?
What Does the Bible Say About This?

The Most Prolific Baptizer in Scriptures Never Baptize an Infant

Have you ever wondered when is the most appropriate time for a Minister of the Gospel to lay hands on an infant?

The best time would be at the dedication or christening of that child. And remember, baptism is never a pouring of water on a body part or a sprinkling of the same but a submerging in water. Total immersion!

Also, know for certain that  Scriptures don’t record any baby forming relationship with God. Consequently, “the first step in doing that is getting your baby baptized” is a doctrine of men.

What can we teach an eight-days-old infant about God? I’m waiting, someone please lighten my darkness!

Since the authority of baby baptism is not the Bible, it has one goal. Its sole objective is to distort the truth of God’s Word.

If you accept infant baptism then you have also embraced the teachings that accompany it and they are contrary to Scriptures.

Reasons to Baptize Your Child?

Do you know who does that? Yes, Satan. And that is what baby baptism is attempting to accomplish.

Don’t fall for infant baptism. Say, no to it! It goes against the teachings of the Lord. We cannot do as we desire to get into heaven. We must do as He commands.

There is much more to infant baptism than baptism.

I recall Apostle Peter and his brethren reminding us:

“We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).

There is no biblical reason to baptize your child. You may have personal motives but it accomplishes not spiritually.

Further, this practice makes us disobedient persons. By it, we have acted contrary to the guidance of Scriptures.

Baby baptism is not a teaching of Jesus Christ, or of his Twelve Apostles, or of the Church.

Infant baptism is a doctrine of man, not of God.

Please, if this post answers any of your questions on baptizing infants or young children, share it with others. Blessings!

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