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Christian fasting a biblical truth


How is Christian Fasting Different?

Is Christian fasting any different? Would you engage a person to represent you in court with little or no legal training and qualifications?

Would you take your automobile to a “mechanic” who has never worked on a motor vehicle? Or would you entrust your medical operation to a “surgeon” who has never done a procedure?

If your answer is no, and I suspect it is: Why should you confer and believe a person who has never done a Christian fast and who is not a Believer of Jesus Christ with the task of teaching you about Christian fasting? Is it any different from our other Christian principles?

Fasting From Around the Web

  1. What is Christian fasting?

    A Christian fast: “It means to go without eating and drinking (Esther 4:16).” Is this complete? What would you add to this definition of Christian fasting?

  2. Should Christians Fast?

    The Lord our God has called all Believers in Jesus Christ to fast.  But only those who desire it will manifest the resurrection power of Christ as they are obedient to the call to fast according to His Words.

    The others will only demonstrate a form of power but failing to demonstrate the might of God to live above sickness and disease. Read “Living Soul” and learn how you can live above sickness and be aware of the power of the Christian fast.

  3. Exercise While Fasting?

    The world could fast however it wants, but the church should be attentive to the Word of God. “You do need to consider that you are likely to be … entirely stopping your intake of calories and nutrients. Think about how the proper mix of fasting and (potentially limited) physical activity will make the most sense for your situation.”

    Never exercise, not even moderately or lightly, while fasting. You need the strength to finish that which you started. Preserve your energy to complete your fast.

  4. How Difficult is it to Find Christian Fasting Literature?

    It’s extremely difficult to find biblical literature on the Web and the Internet about a Christian fast.  Everyone has an opinion, and that’s OK. But what’s not OK, with me, is passing that point-of-view off as a doctrine of the Word of God.

  5. The Power of Fasting 

    I was very impressed with Michael Fackerell of Christian Faith dot com. He understands the Bible’s teaching on fasting and the power of it. He says: Fasting and prayer is one of the most powerful spiritual combinations on earth. True fasting brings humility and alignment with God. It breaks the power of flesh and demons. It kills unbelief and brings answers to prayer when nothing else works.” True, but how and why? Discover the biblical answers by reading “Living Soul”.

  6. Don’t impose upon yourself a fast to which the Lord has not called you.” How are we aware of the fast that the Lord calls us to practice?
  7. Fasting, what it means. Brooke Obie writes, “Refraining from eating and drinking is an act of worship that is good for your soul.”
  8. Fasting and prayer, didn’t those go out of style decades ago?”?
  9. There are several types of Christian-fasting.” Is this biblical or is it only someone’s perspective?
  10. Fasting designed for repentance must be ever joined with an extreme care that we fast from sin” Then, at what point should we return to sinning?
  11. Fasting did not originate in the world but in a spiritual setting. “What is the purpose of religious fasting?”
  12. Here are five spiritual benefits to fasting“. Do you agree with them; what would you add or remove from it?

Learn How Christian Fasting Could Change Your Life!

Do you really want to know why the early church had so many demonstrations of power? Why the contemporary one, on the whole, displays none of this explosive-might?

Buy “Living Soul: In the Image of God” and read it. It explains how and why Christian fasting kills unbelief and unleashes the resurrection power of Christ Jesus on the Believer.

In concluding, if the Bible does not teach it: refuse it! We don’t decide how to fast or pray. We follow our authority: the Bible.

Do you fast? Is fasting one of your Christian disciplines?

Many people may think what we listen to is unimportant, but the opposite is true. Whether it is music or words, what you accept and believe is very important. It could break or make you.

“And he said unto them, Take heed what ye hear: with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you: and unto you that hear shall more be given,” (Mark 4:24).

Finally, ingest only a Believer’s teachings, which align with the true Word of God. No exceptions! No apologies!

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  • Elan Sep 8, 2016 Link

    I would like to see how long the fast is and how often near the top so I know what we are talking about in terms of how hard it’s going to be.

  • Tickler Sep 8, 2016 Link

    Elan thanks for your comments. The first twenty-four hours of a Christian fast are the most brutal. If you survive them you could finish any fast.

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