who really should be laying hands on you to pray

Who Really Should be Laying Hands on You in the Church?

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Many Scriptures Support Laying on of Hands

These days everybody is laying hands on somebody. Should this be the case? Who really should be laying hands on you?

Since everyone shouldn’t be laying hands on others, except those sent by God; therefore, let’s look at Moses, Jesus, Ananias, and Paul.

God sent Moses. He sent him to liberate and lead the Children of Israel out of Egypt to the Promised Land.

However, while he was carrying out his objective he laid his hands on Joshua and imparted wisdom into him.

For instance, Moses strengthened Joshua and dispatched him to achieve his God-given objective (Deuteronomy 34:9).

Similarly, but much later, the Lord God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die and save the world from sins.

Laying Hands on Saul was the Last Thing on his Mind

As he executed the duties of his office he laid his hands on many people. Some got their sight restored, others got healing from sicknesses such as leprosy and some even got their dead restored to life.

Next, the Lord sent Ananias to Saul. He instructed this disciple from Damascus what to say and do. One of his instructions was to lay his hands on Saul and make certain pronouncements (Acts 9:10-20).

This he did and achieved his objective.

Then, the Lord sent Saul of Tarsus to the Gentiles; to kings; and to the Children of Israel (Acts 9:15).

Consequently, on many occasions, it was necessary for him to lay hands on many people for one reason or another.

Conclusionwho really should be laying hands on you to pray

The Lord sent Moses, Ananias, Jesus, and Paul. Because they were representatives of heaven they had the prerogative of laying their hands on others for specific purposes as agents of God. They all practiced the doctrine of laying on of hands.

If the Lord didn’t send you to a region, a church or a people or person you shouldn’t be practicing this religious ritual for any reason.

If the Lord sends you, He authorizes you to lay hands on others in His name.

This is one of the reasons many “Ministers of God” lay hands on others and nothing happened. God did not send them.
When you lay hands on others in the name of Jesus Christ you are declaring spiritual that you are an agent of his, and that he sends you.

But many of those that lay hands on others never even communicate or hear from Him before they lay hands.

The Purpose of Laying Hands on Others

Therefore, if you follow this rule you will always see the result. Moses by laying hands on Joshua achieved his objectives.

Jesus by laying hands, even on those societies and common sense forbade to touch,  and he saw great results.

Ananias laid his hands on Paul and restored his sight. Then, he received the Holy Ghost and entered into ministry.

Finally, (Paul) Saul as he executes the duties of his office, as an Apostle of Jesus Christ, he laid his hands on many. This, of course, includes, Timothy. And we read of his tremendous success.

Therefore, only those sent by the Lord God should be laying hands on others …. did He send you?

Leroy A. Daley

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  1. Kimberly Glanville-Daley

    first question: My name is Kimberly Glanville-Daley. My husband is from Manchester Jamaica and my father
    Renford George Glanville is also from Manchester Jamaica. do you know these 2 familes?

    second question: is it appropriate for church members to suddenly jump up and go around the church
    randomly laying hands on others? I believe the Holy Ghost is a Gentleman and God is a God of order.

  2. Leroy A. Daley

    Hi Kimberly, thanks for stopping by. Concerning your two questions, first, one unfortunately NO. But I heard from my Dad that we have family in Manchester. Then, your second question, yes. As long as it’s not done “random” to them and such a one is guided by the Lord. It’s perfectly OK!
    Thanks again!!

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