Authority – Who Listens and Obeys You?

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Authority - Who Listens and Obey You?

Authority – Who Listens and Obeys You?

A police officer has the authority to stop users of our roads. Just imagine a lone uniformed police officer standing in the middle of a New York City (NYC) road as a tractor-trailer barges down on him. He holds up his hand with the palm facing the driver and he stops.

He is demonstrating his authority as an officer of the law. The Law, say of the NYC Police Department (NYCPD), confers it upon this lone police officer. He is authorized to stop the users of the road: pedestrians and motor vehicles drivers and cyclists.

As a Christian, do you possess authority with God? Your quick answer would we, yes. But, who listens and obeys you? And, what obeys you? Yes! What obeys you?

A Believer in Jesus Christ has heavenly power to command people and things and they must obey, for everything has ears.

There is no Jurisdiction Without a Known Name

Jesus Christ came to earth and he demonstrated that he had authority with God. First, he informed us that he came in his Father’s name (John 5:43). Consequently, you will discover that you have no jurisdiction unless you come in a known name.

The Police officer described at the start of this writing got his authorization from the NYCPD and from the clothes which identified him as such. If he wasn’t wearing recognizable clothes and had no known police-vehicle the trailer driver may just keep going.

Jesus told us where his influence came from and then he showed us.

“Jesus answered them, I told you, and ye believed not: the works that I do in my Father’s name, they bear witness of me” (John 10:25).

Therefore, as Jesus went about all Israel doing miracles, and wonders and great deeds, the religious community had a question for him.

They inquired of him, “Tell us, by what authority doest thou these things? [O]r who is he that gave thee this authority?” (Luke 20:2).

Authority - Who Listens and Obey You?
What Does it Mean to Speak With Authority?

They were cognizant that there is no authority without a name. Similarly, a name identifies a person, place, or thing.

Consequently, Jesus by his authority was able to command people, devils, spirits, wind, water, and trees and they all obeyed him.

As a Christian, what is the source of your clout? And who and what obey your words?

There are two worlds: the physical and the spiritual. However, both require authority and power to function in them efficiently and effectively.

Every conceivable thing that we do in the physical world has a corresponding guiding spiritual principle. And violations of these invisible concepts manifest in physical ways that we don’t understand.

However, if we fix the spiritual problem the physical manifestation will adjust accordingly.


However, people acquire authority through their connections and associations with a name. This could be the name of a thing and place like NYPCD.

Sometimes even with a perceived connection one could have influence. That why many people obey imposters posing as cops.

As a Christian does your body obey your words? If you command your headache would it disappear?  Could you speak with authority to someone else’ problem and it obeyed you?

Would a rambunctious group of men obey your whispered command spoken from a distance?

When you were baptized in water invoking “the name” of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, which is Jesus Christ, you received your heavenly authority.

Consequently, it’s by baptism by immersion that you put on Christ. You put on his name. Water baptism grants you access to Christ’s influence here on earth.

“For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ” (Galatians 3:27).

Many Contemporary Christians Possess no ForceSpeak With Authority

Just like the Scribes and Pharisees of Jesus’ time, many contemporary Christians are weak and puny with no authority. They refuse and reject his name.

“For [Jesus] taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes” (Matthew 7:29).

They were not baptized in “the name” but in the role and function of the one with “the name”. The name Jesus Christ and only this name confers authority upon you. Those without this name are weak, powerless and sickly.

They depend on medications daily to provide relief from pain and sickness because they possess no power with God.

They are ignorant of the fact that with authority with the Lord God through Jesus Christ, they could live without sickness or disease. Without pains!

But with no authority, they have no power, because they have refused to “put on” the one source of authority that heaven and earth recognizes: the name of Jesus Christ.

Similarly, many who own the name don’t know how to harness its power. They don’t know how to live victoriously in Christ. Why? If you stick around I will tell you!

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