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Are There Working of Miracles in Other Religions?

For the past weeks I’ve been looking at spiritual gifts, this week I’ll continue this trend.  Does Satan perform miracles? Who is the worker of miracles, are there working of miracles in other religions?  These are some of the questions that I will answer in this Bible Study. 

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Welcome to all the returning viewers and new viewers.  My name is Leroy Daley.  

I Don’t Teach Opinions

On this channel I don’t teach opinion, I utilize the scripture to explain itself.  I use scriptures to explain scriptures, here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept.

This week this Bible study will focus on who performs miracles.  Who has the gift of miracles, who are the workers of miracles?  That’s what we’ll be looking at today.

Watch this video to the end and I promise you, I’ll have a bonus just for you, so let’s dive right into the content.

What Are Miracles?

Before we begin to analyze who performs miracles, let us agree on what miracles are, and for that, we’ll need to see what the Holy Bible says about miracles.

Remember, I use the Bible to explain everything about the Bible.  I don’t need an external source because all I need is within those pages of the Bible.

The Lord had an interesting conversation with Moses. However, in that conversation, he gave hints as to what miracles are.

So I’m going to read from Numbers fourteen verse twenty-two, and I always use the King James Version of the Bible.

Because all those men which have seen my glory and my miracles which I did in Egypt and in the wilderness have tempted me now these ten times and have not hearkened to my voice” (Numbers 14:22). 

That was the Lord speaking, so miracles are mighty acts of the Lord. 

The Working of Miracles Reveal What About God?

Another reference for that would be (Deuteronomy 11:1-3).   

Also, be aware of how the Lord equates my miracle with his glory.  He’s actually saying his miracles reflect his glory. 

So when we see a miracle of God, we’re seeing his glory.  That’s what that scripture is saying.

Therefore, let let’s look a little on the glory of God.

As a result, the miracles that Jesus did, also revealed his glory. 

The Bible says, “This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Canaan of Galilee and manifested forth his glory and his disciples believed on him” (John 2:11).

So, miracles intricately tied up with glory, the glory of God. 

Now, let’s look at who does miracles.  Take note of how the Lord owns the miracles that Moses did. 

He declares that those miracles are his, but we know that Moses performed those miracles.

The Lord Owns the Miracles Of Moses

The miracles in Egypt, the darkness was so thick that you could feel it, water turn into blood, all those plagues, and all those things that Moses did in Egypt, we know that from reading the Bible. 

But the Lord is owning them.  He is saying they are his.  Let me read, the Lord says, “my glory and my miracles, which I did in Egypt and in the wilderness” (Numbers 14:22).

So you see he’s owning all the miracles that Moses did.  (Numbers 14:22). 

So even though Moses performed all those miracles in Egypt and in the wilderness, the desert! Yet the Lord said they are his miracles. 

Similarly, when Jesus performed miracles it was the Lord performing those miracles. Nicodemus understood this.

To this end, listen to what Nicodemus said:  “For no man can do these miracles that thou doest except God be with him (John 3:2).

Am I Helping You Understand Who Works Miracles?

That was Nicodemus saying that to Jesus when he visited Jesus by night.  He understood that God was in Christ performing all those miracles. 

So, it’s God who does miracles, we are mere vessels that he works through.

If I’m helping you to understand who does miracles, pause this video and give it a thumbs up, then resume watching this Bible study.

The Lord Owns Paul’s Miracles

The Lord even owned the miracles that Apostle Paul did for the scripture tells us in (Acts 19:11) “For God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul.” 

This one is much clearer.  In other words, God did special miracles by the hands of Paul

Basically, it’s saying that the hands that perform the miracles were Paul’s, but the power, the dunamas, behind the working of the miracle was God’s

So God is the worker of miracles. Paul performed the miracles but God got the credit because he did them, because God wasn’t Paul.

One More Reason We Need the Holy Ghost

That’s one of the reasons we need the Holy Ghost because if we don’t possess the Holy Ghost we cannot participate in the working of miracles with the Lord. 

Remember you know, it’s the Spirit, in (1 Corinthians 12) it tells you that it’s the spirit that dispenses all these spiritual gifts to leaders. 

The Spirit, and if you don’t have the Spirit, how can you have the gift?  We must have the Spirit first before we have the gift.

Now let’s continue.  In First Corinthians twelve verse twenty-eight the Bible says, “And God hath set some in the church”, not all, not everybody, but “some” because only “some” received this gift, not everybody (1Corinthians 12:28).

First apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues” (1 Corinthians 12:28).

The Bible says that the Spirit gives the working of miracles to leaders, not to the pews.

Does Satan Participate in the Working of Miracles?

Earlier I promised that if you stick with me to the end of this Bible study, I’ll give you a bonus.  Now here is the bonus as promised. 

Can Christians perform any miracle without the Lord?  Not at all.

Observe also that Christianity is the only religion that manifests miracles.   No other religion, no other belief could do this, only believers in Jesus Christ.

And next thing, can the devil work miracles?  Of course, he can.   The devil can work miracles, but the Lord does not allow him to do that at this time.

This only will happen after the rapture of the church because if the devil starts working miracles now, he will deceive people. 

So that is why the Lord doesn’t permit the devil to do miracles now. But after the rapture of the church, you will find it in (Revelation 13:14) and (Revelation 16:14), and (Revelation 19:20), that’s when the devil will do miracles and deceive the world. 


But at that time the church would have been raptured long ago, but as long as the church is on earth the devil has no power to do miracles, only the Holy Ghost.

So let me conclude.  Miracles are mighty acts of God, they manifest his glory.  When we experience a miracle, we experience the glory of God.  

God is a Spirit and for that reason, he operates through his leaders in the Church (John 4:24). 

Thus leaders in the church of Christ are instruments that the Lord uses to perform His miracles and reveal his glory. 

You could read (Hebrews 2:1-4) also.  That will explain that.

Who Execute Every Miracle in the Bible?

Have you ever seen a member of the pew perform a miracle?  

In your congregation, have you ever seen a person, a layperson who sits in the pews in the benches or the chairs, perform a miracle?  No!

And you will never see that because those people don’t have the gift of miracles. It’s only given to leaders in the church

Every miracle done in the Bible, leaders execute them. 

Start at Moses in Egypt and go to the first-century church, now make your way to this contemporary church in this era now and you will realize that only leaders possess the gifts of miracle.

Have the Working of Miracles Done?

God is a fixed principle. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He does not change. Some people declare that miracles have faded out of the church (Hebrews 13:8).

That is not true because God is not changing.  He is the same always.  Miracles are still present in the church and very much operational, wherever you find a leader in the church who is Spirit-filled.

For that reason, Apostle Paul inquired, “Are all apostles, are all prophets, are all teachers, are all workers of miracles? (1 Corinthians 12:29). 

If you could truthfully answer yes to all those questions above, then we would all operate all the spiritual gifts, including the working of miracles. 

But if no, then these are for our spiritual leaders only.  Nothing has changed and miracles have not faded away they are still present and active in the church of Christ.

Finally, if God is willing, next week I will investigate the gift of prophecy.  Subscribe to my channel to learn more about spiritual gifts including the gift of prophecy.

Thanks for stopping by and continue to search the scriptures daily to learn more about the Lord.


Leroy A. Daley

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  1. Jennifer

    Hi Brother, I have to disagree with you regarding people sitting in a pew not being able to do miracles. The Lord has done many miracles through my hands. I have also known other people who were not leaders who have done miracles. The word says these signs shall follow those who believe, not those who are leaders.
    Hope that clarifies a misunderstanding and blesses you. God is no respecter of persons and can use whom ever is willing and walks in faith.

  2. Leroy Daley

    Thank you Jennifer for your comments. Why don’t you share with us some details of your miracles and your level of operation in your assembly?

    Jennifer, you quoted a portion of Mark 16:16. But who was Jesus speaking to in that scripture? His eleven leaders, for Judas was dead. Yet you are applying it to the entire congregation when at that time there was none. Verse 20 made that crystal clear!

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