What is Faith in God?

Assessing Our Faith Towards God

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What is Our Faith Towards God?

These days many people talk about faith but few mention our faith towards God! As we commence this discussion, on this subject, let’s agree on one thing.

What does the Bible mean when it speaks about faith? Immediately, many Christians will start quoting Hebrews 11:1.

It says: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

However, before we go much farther, I want us to remind ourselves of the dominant style of the Holy Bible: Repetition.

So, in the context of the verse-of-scripture quoted immediately above, the first clause of it says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for” which captures the essence of faith.

It represents something that we owned now that only existed in our minds before. It was “hoped for” but now it’s “substance”. It’s tangible!

However, the second clause informs us that our faith is “the evidence of things not seen” which reiterates and conveys the essence of the first!

Both of these clauses are saying the identical thing. Our faith is powerful! It moves things from one dimension into another.

It moves things from the unseen into the seen. That’s the power of our faith in the Lord God.

By our faith, what we hoped for and conceived with our minds now we could experience it.

Thus by faith what we imagined, now we could see, touch, hear, smell, and or taste it. Our imaginations have taken on a body or “substance” and that is our faith.

Our Confidence in Him?

Many Christians and non-Christians will tell you that your faith in God is your confidence in Him.

What do they know? Do they know Him? Have they exercised their faith in Him?

Simultaneously, they are right and they are wrong.

Above, I wrote that “they are right” because our faith commences as our confidence in His Words.

But if our faith is our confidence, it is not anchored. Consequently, it will fluctuate at different times. Sometimes we may have great confidence and at other times, not so great.

Grow Your Faith In God

On the other hand, “they are wrong” because our faith may commence as confidence but it could never end as such.

If we grow in the knowledge of God and Christ, it will not remain as confidence.

With time and with the seeking and searching to know God it will increase from confidence to knowledge.

And this knowledge of God will result from our experience with Him.

And these experiences with Him will bolster and strengthen our faith. It will not fluctuate. It will not wane.

Subsequently, our belief in God will increase and move beyond “belief” to the realm of certainty and absolute.

At this point, our faith towards God is “we know” God will keep us. “We know” He is with us. “We know” that He will do such-and-such.

This posture changes the dynamics of our faith in God from belief to certainty. And when we are certain about something, anything, we are bold! We are fearless!

Our Faith is For When?

Additionally, let’s settle on another aspect of our faith towards God. It’s for now! Present tense.

Our faith is not for another day or time but for now. Thus, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for”. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but now! So, we are not talking about a this-morning-faith but a now-faith.

Do you own faith in God for your situation, now? That is what we need faith towards God for, our problems now!

Our faith towards God is only relevant in the present, now! Because when we need to exercise it towards God, we cannot utilize it from our experience. We must release it now for it to work on our behalf.

What’s the Nature of Our Faith Towards God?

Faith is substance. It didn’t start out as such but that the final state of it; therefore, it’s dynamic. It moves from hope to reality.

What have you hoped for and released your faith towards God for? If you hoped for a house and still have none you possess no faith in God for a house.

Have you hoped for a job? Do you possess evidence of it?

Our faith towards God is so dynamic that anything that we can conceive with our minds we could materialize it. That’s powerful! That’s our faith towards Him!

As a result, our faith towards God is the power of God at our disposal.

The Believers and Fathers of old demonstrated that for our examples. By their faith in God they conquered countries, defeated their enemies, and even resurrected the dead.

So, if you want to experience the awesome power of the Lord God in your life, as they did, release your faith in Him by believing in Jesus Christ.

Believe that he’s the only Begotten Son of God that the Father sent to redeem us from sins to Himself!

Leroy A. Daley

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