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Why Is There Persecution Against The Church?

As a Christian, have you ever been persecuted for your beliefs in Jesus Christ? What is persecution against the church and why does it happen?

These are some of the questions that I will answer in this Bible study.

So, when we talk about persecution against the Church, what are we talking about? Persecution against the Church takes on various forms, but irrespective of how it materializes it always possesses a unique feature and objective.

Thus, persecution against the church is any law or action that intends to harm, hurt, oppress or restrict its operation in some way. That’s what I mean by oppression against the Church.

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What Is The Real Importance of Prayer – 8 Reasons?

So, daily prayers to God are important to prevent us from entering into the temptation of the Devil and prevent us from committing sins.

Jesus also emphasized the importance of prayers when he taught his disciples to pray.

There is absolutely no area of your life where the importance of prayer has not permeated. It affects every aspect of our lives.

Nevertheless, prayer is one of the most effective methods Christians have to submit their hearts to God. Prayers must be voluntary and from broken or unhardened hearts for God to transform them.

Jesus reveals one of the reasons Christians should pray.

He says,

“Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation.” Matthew 26:41

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What Did Stephen Preach About Jesus Christ?

As a result, this too was the only significant thing that Stephen preach about Jesus Christ.  However, he made a heart-wrenching comparison between the Jews’ attitude to Moses and their behavior toward Jesus Christ. 

In his last sermon, Deacon Stephen accused the Jews of betraying and murdering the Just One, who is, Jesus Christ, instead of listening and obeying him as Moses advised them. 

Before, their forefather had rejected and refused Moses as a leader and a deliverer over them.

Finally, as Stephen preach about Jesus Christ, what infuriated the Jews the most? Was it his declaration that he was having a vision of heaven and of Jesus Christ?

Or, was it because of their guilty consciences?

They stone him to death for this!

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Who Repents – Sinners or Saints

Who Repents – Sinner or Saint?

Is it the sinner or the saint who repents? Some years ago, I tweeted that everybody should repent. One of my “Followers” responded: “Repentance is for sinners”.

Soon after, many other Followers responded to that statement. So today, I’m asking the identical question again: “What do you think: Who Repents Christians or sinners?”

However, before you respond, I want to ensure that we are all on the same page when it comes to the meaning of repentance. So, click the link above and read about repentance then return to this page? Let’s proceed.

By now, it should be clearer to you who repents! Nevertheless, I’m certain some of you still have reservations about whether it’s sinners or saints?

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