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What Many Christians Need to Know About the Kingdom of Heaven!

The debate between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven has been ongoing for ages. Some say both these kingdoms are different, whereas others say they’re one and the same.

The term ‘Kingdom of God’ can be seen up to 68 times in the New Testament, whereas the term ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ is seen around 32 times and is exclusively found in the book of Matthew.

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What is a Prayer of Intercession?

What Is a Prayer of Intercession?

A prayer of intercession happens when one party or person prays exclusively to the Lord God for another party or person concerning some particular state or action.

It’s an exclusive prayer to God on the behalf of someone or a nation. Therefore, it goes well beyond just praying to the Lord God on behalf of another.

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Rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ and Not Knowing it?

Rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ and Not Knowing it?

The rejection of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a light thing. It has grave consequences and far-reaching effects.

Therefore, let’s examine what it means to refuse the Lord Jesus Christ, or reject the Gospel, or the Word of God. These are all synonyms for rejecting the Lord God. Then, let’s pursue a few of its consequences.

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What is a Prayer of Supplication From a Biblical Perspective?

What is a Prayer of Supplication From a Biblical Perspective?

You will not find the phrase, a prayer of supplication in the Holy Bible.
However, before we dive right into this let’s examine the definition for a prayer of supplication.
Then, today, let’s examine the differences between a prayer of supplication and just making a petition to the Lord God Almighty.

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A Picture of the Map of Apostle Paul’s First Missionary Journey

An Introduction to Apostle Paul’s First Missionary Journey

We often read of Apostle Paul’s First Missionary Journey, but this description is incomplete.

It fails to mention that his first missionary trip consisted of at least two other disciples of Jesus Christ.

Similarly, many Christians often overlook the importance of Paul’s first missionary excursion.

But under close examination, it shows that God is just and that He’s a God of the Gentiles too. It also marks the change in name of Saul, his promotion, his call to ministry, and his answer and obedience to the Holy Ghost.

Finally, it indicates the introduction of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles.

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The Gift of Faith

What is the Difference Between Faith and The Gift of Faith?
In the past weeks, I’ve been teaching on spiritual gifts. Today, I will continue this trend because I will look at the gift of faith.

This faith is different from the faith needed to receive salvation; the faith we utilize to believe in Jesus Christ; because we must be saved to receive this faith.

This faith is for born-again Believers. If you stick with me to the end, I have a bonus just for you. So let’s dive right into it.

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The Bride of Christ – What all Christians Need to Know About Her!

“If you don’t believe that the Church is the Bride of Christ then you can’t teach for me” he informed me looking down at his large mahogany desk.

As soon as I heard that reprimand, I knew that I had to teach people globally the truth of the Word of God.

This is an excerpt from an actual conversation that happened more than ten years ago.

And out of that conversation, this website was born!

This Guide on the Bride of Christ will answer all your important questions.

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