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The Main Types of Christian Prayer Every Believer Prays?

One of the most confused religions today is Christianity. One of the areas chaos is evident in, is the discussion on types of Christian prayer.

I will have you understand that the types of prayers in Christianity, today, are in the Church and the Bible.

No two “Christian Writers” agree on this topic. Even pastors disagree on this!

Below you will find a partial list of some of the main types of prayers that they postulate exists in the Bible.


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Do Christians Pray To God Or Jesus?

Most Believers generally pray to God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. Yet recognizing their distinct roles in our lives and knowing that we serve one God.

Whomever we direct our prayers to is our god. So, the question, should Christians pray to God or Jesus Christ may seem obvious enough but it’s not?

But we must keep in mind that the Lord God is a Triune One. He has only three manifestations: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

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How Often Should Christians Fast – What Does The Bible Say About Fasting Frequency?

How Long Did Jesus Fast?
So, now you know how often should a Christian fast according to the Bible. However, the purpose of fasting, in the Bible, is always a function of how often we fast.

In the Church, the body of Christ, do types of spiritual fasting exist? And if they do, what are they? Where in the bible could we find them?

How often should a Christian fast only became important after the ascension of Jesus Christ and after the advent of the Holy Ghost?

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Has The Lord Called Us To Preach the Gospel?

What does it mean that the Lord has called you to preach the Gospel? Has he called everyone to the ministry of the Gospel? How do you know that the Lord has called you to preach?

Today I continue my Book of Acts Bible study and I want to use this opportunity to say Happy New Year to all Students of The Word.

It has been a few weeks since I have done a Bible study, but I am here again and I am here to stay.

So in today’s scripture reading, we are going to pick up where we left off in Acts 16 and we are going to read from verses 9 through 12.

If you would rather watch the video for this Bible Study, click this link!

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should-christians-pray-to -god-for-protection

Should Christians Pray To God For Protection And Why?

Should Believers pray to God for protection? Yes, that sounds about right. The Christian life is filled with adventure.

We’re called to live for Christ and glorify Him in all that we do. Does God protect His children?

Yes, He does! God gave His only Begotten Son as a sacrifice for sins so that you and I can live lives of righteousness in Him.

The same God protects His children. If God protects us, why should we pray for protection?

We pray for protection because we’re acknowledging our helplessness and frailty in a dangerous and ever-changing world.

God alone is our fortress and help in times of trouble. No human can replace Him.

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Successful Prayer – What Makes A Petition To God Effective?

A Believer who makes a successful prayer possesses power with God! It’s one of his or her most potent defensive and offensive spiritual weapons.

When we go to Him in prayer, we make our requests and petitions known to Him. God listens to His children.

Nevertheless, a Believer’s successful prayer is a petition for a favorable or desirable outcome. This could be for oneself or others and it could be for any area of his or her life.

This could be a prayer for a desirable business, personal, educational, financial, health, relationship, or other outcomes.

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