Which Is The Best Study Bible For Pastors?

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Best Study Bibles For Preachers and Pastors

What makes a study Bible the best study Bible for pastors and preachers?

Every pastor is a teacher. Pastors do a lot of teachings but they need to be taught the Word of God too. Thus, effective pastors invest much time preparing Bible studies, and sermons, and searching God’s Word for enlightenment.

Thus, a study Bible is indispensable to a pastor. However, the best study Bible for a pastor would make life easier for him.

It comes packed with resources that assist him to accomplish his tasks quickly, in depth, and more effectively.

That is the basic function of the best study Bible for Ministers of the Word.

The study Bible for a Pastor has a different objective from the Study Bible for a beginner.

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Which Is The Best Study Bible For Pastors?

Below, I shall present a list of Bibles. It is almost impossible to say which is the best study bible for pastors, mainly because the answer to that is highly subjective and personal.

I personally, love and use the Thompson Chain Reference Bible. Each minister has his own preference and it may not collide with mine.

For, one prefers ESV Preaching Bible, Black Goatskin Leather another uses only Crossway ESV Pastor’s Bible.

Still, others are inclined to use Hendrickson Large Print Wide Margin Bible.

Nevertheless, the best study Bible for pastors is the one he or she uses. The one that such a one spends much time with every day.

Is The Thompson Chain Reference Bible The Best Study Bible For Pastors?

1. Thompson Chain Reference (KJV, NKJV, NASB, NIV)

Pastors Study Bible That You Will Enjoy Exploring!

This Bible has been around for more than a century. It has no commentaries but comes equipt with all the other resources of a study Bible which shall aid the pastor.

This pastors’ study Bible shall aid your exploration of the Vord of God. I enjoy using it and I think you will too.

It’s not complicated! It’s easy to use and I think that’s a plus. One more thing, it has little fluff which distracts from the Vord.

I have had my Thompson Chain Reference for more than twenty-five years. And I still use it every day. They have been around a long time for good reason. They are built to last.

Additionally, they come well equipt to aid the pastor to dive deeper and deeper into the Word of God.

2. ESV Pastor’s Bible

The ESV Pastor’s Bible was designed to equip ministers of the Word to handle effectively the varied situations that they encounter daily.

Through our daily study of the Scriptures, and with the assistance of the Holy Ghost, we comprehend and learn how to handle specific situations requiring pastoral care, such as baptisms, weddings, hospital visits, or funerals.

In the front matter, back matter, and throughout the text, the Pastor’s Bible contains articles written by pastors offering practical help for crafting a sermon, planning a special service, leading congregational prayer, conducting premarital counseling, visiting the sick, and resolving conflict within the church.

3. Cambridge Wide Margin Bible (KJV, NKJV, ESV, NASB)


Designed for careful Bible study. The text features cross-references and is supplemented by maps and a concordance.

The paper is specially selected for ease of writing, and the page margins are wide enough for personal notes.

There is a section of ruled pages for additional note-taking, and the Bible has two ribbon markers and a presentation page.

As with all Cambridge Bibles, the pages are sewn for durability and flexibility.

This new Bible is bound in black calf-split leather, a superior grade to the previously available French Morocco leather and an economical alternative to calfskin.

Features Of Good Study Bible For Pastors

  • Gold Page Edges
  • Full text of the New King James Bible (NKJV)
  • Extra wide margins for note-taking
  • Section of ruled pages for additional note-taking
  • Presentation page for gift-giving
  • Concordance
  • Two-column layout
  • Center column cross-references
  • 15 full-color maps with index
  • Words of Jesus in red
  • Durable sewn binding allows Bible to lie flat when open
  • Two ribbon markers
  • Smooth, opaque, and resilient Bible paper
  • 9.75″ x 7.75″ x 1.50″

4. Every Man’s Bible

Could this be the best study Bible for pastors? “Every Man’s Bible has thousands of notes on topics just for men–giving men real answers, real fast.”

It is the Bible for every battle every man faces. It addresses spiritual and life issues from a male perspective.

Every Man’s Bible shows that Scriptures are pertinent in all stages of a pastor’s life. This encompasses early adulthood through the retirement years.

Every Man’s Bible is filled with affirming, challenging, and uplifting features that will remind men that God has a place for them in his story and a plan for their lives.

This study Bible deals with sensitive topics men need to address, and it talks about struggles that many men confront.

In this Bible for men, there are thousands of notes on topics ranging from work, intimacy, and competition to taking risks, managing money, and raising children.

Every Man’s Bible provides useful insights on how to live a godly life as a man in all of the various roles that he takes on, written by the bestselling author of The Every Man Series, Stephen Arterburn.


  • Tools for Real Life: Thousands of study notes, plus a host of Spotlights, Perspectives, and What’s the Point callouts
  • What the Bible Says: Hard-hitting instructions from the Bible on work, sex, competition, time management, and much more
  • Men, Women, and God: The truth behind the myths and misinformation about men, women, and God
  • Book Introductions: Discover each Bible book in a nutshell, all on one page
  • Someone You Should Know: Profiles of great and less-than-great men of the Bible and what you can learn from them
  • Personal Gold: Sound advice from leaders like Stephen Arterburn, Tony Dungy, Tony Evans, Bill Hybels, David Jeremiah, Greg Laurie, J. I. Packer, Joe Stowell, Chuck Swindoll, and others.

Product Details

  • ECPA 2015 Christian Book Award Finalist!
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Tyndale House Publishers; Illustrated edition (April 1, 2014)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Imitation Leather ‏ : ‎ 1776 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1414381107
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1414381107
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 2.25 pounds
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 6.12 x 1.87 x 8.75 inches
  • Best Sellers Rank: #12,557 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

5. The Jeremiah Study Bible

Drawn from more than 40 years of study, Dr. David Jeremiah, one of America’s leading Bible teachers, has produced a deeply personal and comprehensive study Bible packed with features specifically focused to help you discover what Scripture says, what Scripture means and, most importantly, what Scripture means for you.

The Jeremiah Study Bible presents the best of biblical insight and study tools along with specific, everyday applications to achieve genuine change in your life.

6. NIV Preacher’s Bible

NIV Preacher’s Bible

The most elegant and useful Bible for today’s preachers,  The NIV Preacher’s Bible will help your congregation follow along, word for word, line by line, page by page; as you preach from God’s Word. Designed to be paired with the Comfort Print. NIV Pew and Worship Bible and yet maintain their individual distinct font and page layout, each page of these two different Bibles begins and ends with the same word. Promote the harmony of your congregation with the harmony of Scripture and enjoy the freedom to preach from a Bible specifically crafted for sharing the gospel with a congregation of believers and seekers.


  • The full text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV) translation
  • Matches page-for-page with the Comfort Print NIV Pew and Worship Bible
  • The only NIV set in a verse-by-verse format
  • Hand-bound in a supple goatskin leather cover with raised spine hubs
  • Smyth-sewn and edge-lined construction for flexibility
  • Art gilt page edges, with gilt line and perimeter stitching
  • Three double-sided satin ribbon markers, each 3/8-inch wide
  • Premium European Bible paper, 36 GSM
  • Black-letter edition
  • Line-matched text for enhanced readability
  • Double-column layout with a two-color page design
  • Exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print typeface
  • 9.5-point print size

Product Information

  • Title: NIV Preacher’s Bible, Verse-by-Verse Format, Comfort Print, Premier Collection, Goatskin, Black
  • Format: Genuine Leather
  • Number of Pages: 1152
  • Vendor: Zondervan
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • Dimensions: 9.50 X 6.50 (inches)
  • Weight: 2 pounds 8 ounces
  • ISBN: 0310453747
  • ISBN-13: 9780310453741

Other Information

  1. Text Layout: Double Column
  2. Text Color: Black Letter
  3. Text Size: 9.5 Point
  4. Thumb Index: No
  5. Ribbon Marker: Yes
  6. Spine: Sewn
  7. Page Gilding: Silver
  8. Stock No: WW453742
  9. Imprintable: No

7. NASB, Preacher’s Bible

The NASB Preacher’s Premier Collection Bible is the ideal combination of readability and elegance. The easy-to-read print, thick, opaque paper, and a line-matched double-column layout bring the words into clear focus. Featuring a supple goatskin leather cover, raised spine hubs, and stunning red and gold art-gilded page edges makes it a top choice for any preacher. 

Pairing the NASB Preacher’s Premier Collection Bible with the NASB Pew and Worship Bible unlocks its true design ingenuity. While each Bible retains its distinct font and page layout, they were skillfully crafted so that the pages of these two different Bibles begin and end with the same word. That means you no longer have to preach from a pew Bible to be on the same page as your congregation. 

Universally recognized as the gold standard among word-for-word translations, the beloved New American Standard Bible, 1995 Edition, is now easier to read with Zondervan’s exclusive NASB Comfort Print® typeface. 


  1. The full text of the New American Standard Bible, 1995 Edition
  2. Matches page-for-page with the NASB Pew and Worship Bible
  3. Hand-bound in a supple goatskin leather cover with raised spine hubs
  4. Smyth-sewn and edge-lined construction for flexibility
  5. Art Gilt red-under-gold page edging, with gilt line and perimeter stitching
  6. Three satin ribbon markers, each 3/8-inch wide
  7. Premium European Bible paper, 36 gsm
  8. Black-letter, line-matched text
  9. Double-column, verse-by-verse format
  10. Exclusive Zondervan NASB Comfort Print typeface
  11. 10-point print size.

Other Study Bible Options

Best Bible For New Believers

FAQs – Good Study Bible For Pastors?

Which Are The Best Study Bibles For Pastors?

They are many from diverse publishers. Below you shall see a list of some of them in no particular order.

What Study Bible Do Pastors Use?

There is a wide range of them. But, I think The Study Bible that pastors use varies depending on many factors.
Some of these include their denomination, personal preference, and the specific needs of their ministry.
Nevertheless, some of the most commonly used Study Bibles among pastors include:
ESV Study Bible: This Study Bible is published by Crossway and is widely used by many pastors due to its accuracy, depth, and helpful study notes.
NIV Study Bible: This Study Bible is published by Zondervan and is one of the most popular Study Bibles among pastors due to its readability, reliability, and comprehensive study notes.
NASB Study Bible: This Study Bible is also published by Zondervan and is known for its accuracy, word-for-word translation, and helpful study notes.
NKJV Study Bible: This Study Bible is published by Thomas Nelson and is known for its readability, accuracy, and helpful study notes.
MacArthur Study Bible: This Study Bible is also published by Thomas Nelson. It is popular among pastors due to its extensive study notes, commentary, and theological insights.
Other popular Study Bibles used by pastors include the Life Application Study Bible, the Reformation Study Bible, and the Ryrie Study Bible.
Regenerate response

FAQs – Which Is The Best Study Bible For Preachers?

The Best KJV Study Bible For Pastors

There are several KJV study Bibles available in the market, each with its own unique features and benefits.
Nevertheless, I want you to keep this in mind, the best KJV study Bible for pastors will depend on their individual needs and preferences. Factors like the paper quality and thickness, readability, and layout of the Bible can all play a role in determining the best option for a particular pastor.
But, in my opinion, the best of them all, is the Thompson Chain Reference Bible. It’s not complicated. It’s very easy to use and packed with Bible study resources.

What Is A Reference Bible?

It is a Study Bible that includes additional Bible study aids and resources to help Bible students study the text. These aids may include cross-references to related passages, footnotes with explanations and clarifications, maps, charts, timelines, and other helpful information.
The primary goal of a reference Bible is to provide readers with the tools they need to study and interpret the text on their own. By including additional information and resources, reference Bibles help readers to explore the historical and cultural context of the Bible, understand the original languages and meanings of specific words and phrases, and identify important themes and ideas.
They are available in many different translations and editions. They could be useful for a wide range of readers, from scholars and theologians to casual readers who want to deepen their understanding of the Bible.


A pastor who daily spends quality time searching the Word of God could make any one of these Study Bibles, the best Study Bible for pastors.

These are tools to aid him to accomplish his task easier and quicker. Before the advent of Study Bibles, it would take us longer to accomplish the same tasks then, than we could get done in a shorter time frame today.

So, chose one of the Study Bibles above and make it the best study Bible for pastors or ministers. Therefore, the best study Bibles for pastors are the ones they use every day!

It’s not laying on a shelf gathering dust but daily illuminating our hearts to see as God sees!

All preachers and pastors, more or less, have access to the identical Word of God. However, what makes one better than the other is the quality time we spend seeking and searching it for the truth!

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