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Why Is ESV Study Bible The Best Bible For New Believers?

The ESV Study Bible is very popular with Christians worldwide. However, I didn’t choose it as the best Bible for New Believers because of its popularity.

Yes, over one million copies are sold worldwide and it is the winner of the RCPA Book of the Year Award.

In my opinion, it’s the best Bible for new Christians because it is easy to read, use, and understand. The translation and the fact that’s packed with resources that a newbie Christian could use and not feel overwhelmed.

Finally, it is comprehensive. It provides in-depth information so the new Believer could adequately research and cover any topic.

And doing this without being distracted by the colorful and varied bells and whistles of the Study Bible.

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Table of Contents

Cover Material


Type Size


Ribbon Marker




Cover Material


The cover material comes in two forms. It’s either TruTone or Hardcover. This Bible is the only Hardcover version.

However, there are five different “versions” of the cover.

There is TruTone, Forest/Tan, Imitation Leather; TruTone, Chestnut; TruTone, Chocolate/Rose, Imitation Leather; TruTone, Navy, Imitation Leather, and the Hardcover.



The binding is Smyth-Sewn. It’s very sturdy and almost flawless. This keeps the hardcovers firmly in place and prevents the entire Bible from falling apart.

Type Size

All modern ESV Study Bibles are easy to read for they all boast a 9-point Type Size.


All the other ESV Bibles with different covers possess gold gilding pages except for the Hardcover.

Ribbon Marker

Another noticeable absent feature from the ESV Hardcover Bible is the ribbon marker. All the other Bibles having different covers, in this family of Bibles, have ribbon markers.


This ESV Study Bible, Hardcover, comes with extensive and impressive cross-references. They are placed next to the verses they correspond to; therefore, making them easy to find and use.


Features Include:-

  • Study Notes 20,000 + double-column notes (7-point type)
  • Cross Reference – 80,000
  • Charts – 200
  • Articles – 50
  • Maps and Illustrations – 240 full-color
  • Size: 6.5″ x 9.25″
  • Pages – 2,752
  • Single-column Bible text (9-point type)
  • Black letter text
  • Binding – Smyth-sewn

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The ESV Study Bible is ideal for most new Christians. It qualifies as the best Bible for new Believers because it’s broadly accepted globally by Christians.

It’s also easy to use with no steep learning curve. You could start using it the same day of purchase without reading any manual or how-to articles.

Finally, it is comprehensive and adequate for researching any biblical topic. It is a literal translation making it closer to the original text.

The combination of all these factors makes the ESV Study Bible the best Bible for New Believers!

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