Living Soul

Living SoulIn The Image of God

Living Soul provides answers to some of life’s fundamental questions. The Lord God provides these solutions through His Word.

Here are some concerns that affect everyone: Why are Christians and unbelievers afflicted by similar infirmities?

Doesn’t the church possess the power of God over all sicknesses and diseases? Where is the evidence of might?

Jesus Christ gave his twelve apostles the remedy for every sickness and disease. For three and a half years, there were no afflictions wherever Jesus went.

Jesus healed every complaint, and he showed his twelve apostles how to live victoriously over all the works of the Devil.

They proved that they had competence over all disorders after Jesus returned to heaven. Read Living Soul and discover the tools they used to fight maladies—and how you can use them, too.

You don’t have to be ailing. Living Soul can teach you how to fight adversity. Sickness and disease can happen to anyone, but you don’t have to remain ill.

Purchase  Living Souland discover the cure Christ gave to you.